Wonderful Worcestershire Women Awards 2016

Receiving nominee certificates

Liz Davies, short-listed for two awards

Our Managing Director, Liz Davies was recently nominated for two local awards: Female-Owned Business of the Year and Significant Achievement of the Year.   At the Wonderful Worcestershire Women Awards 2016 launch on 12 January, Liz was delighted to find out that she had been short-listed and selected to take part in a public vote in the next round of the awards.

Here is Liz’s short biography to support her nomination for these awards:

“I’m a woman living & working in Worcestershire who has previous experience of:
-  working in male-dominated industries,
-  being a full-time working mother,
-  volunteering in my community,
-  the security of a salaried role;  and yet I took that leap of faith with my own family business.

If I hadn’t tried, I would have always had regrets. I want to demonstrate to other women that it’s possible to juggle many facets of modern day life, love your family, build your business and serve your community whilst performing to the best of your abilities. You CAN make a difference.”

The team at Hinton Pest Control Ltd would love it if you showed your support for Liz & Hinton Pest Control Ltd in this next round by voting for her in both categories (Votes limited to one vote only in each category).

To take part in the public vote for all categories, click Public Vote for Wonderful Worcestershire Women Awards

Further details about #WWWAwards2016 can be found here Wonderful Worcestershire Women Website