Tewkesbury was a Medieval Market Town and is filled with many different Tudor buildings however the most notable building is their Abbey which is of Norman origin.  During the time in which Henry VIII was getting rid of the monasteries the townspeople decided to buy the Abbey to use as a parish church as they felt it would be a travesty to lose their beloved church.

The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury has two different purposes, it can be used as and arthouse cinema and as a live performance venue.  Its building works started in 1973 and the theatre was opened two years later in 1975.  Sadly Eric Morecombe collapsed after a charity performance in the Roses Theatre and later died in Cheltenham General Hospital.

Tewkesbury suffers greatly from flooding; this is due to the fact that the town is geographically situated with two sizable rivers meeting in the town: the Avon and the Severn.  In 2007 the damage caused by the flooding was so extensive and even the Abbey was surrounded by water.

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