Redditch is a town located in the north-east of Worcestershire and it’s maintained by Redditch Borough council.  Redditch is home to three main points of attraction: Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Arrow Valley Country Park and Royal Enfield motorcycles.  The main road running through Redditch is known as Icknieled Road which runs north to south on the east side of the town.

During the Middle Ages Redditch was well known for needle making however this steadily changed and the main industries became: fishing equipment and motorcycles.  The industry of motorcycles caused to creation of Royal Enfield motorcycles in Redditch.

Within Redditch there is a community bus service that runs for people who are unable to use conventional public transport due to various reasons.  This service is voluntary and many people find it very useful.

In Redditch many different types of sport are very popular with multiple different sporting teams belonging to sports like: football, rugby, cricket, American football, badminton, hockey and martial arts.  This point is highly beneficial to all residents in the local area as it offers different activities so you are likely to find one you thoroughly enjoy.

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