Malvern has a population of just over 31,000 people and is a hot spot for tourists with diverse culture and it’s packed with heritage. The architecture in Malvern is great; Malvern is home to buildings from many different eras including Regency, Edwardian and Victorian. Malvern Town Council – along with other organisations – help pay for the upkeep of some historical fountains in which water from Malvern springs is able to run through.  George Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar brought Great Malvern into the 20th Century with their music and theatre festivals held in the Winter Gardens.

There is a scheme running in Malvern called Malvern Community Forest. Members of the local community have volunteered and are trying to achieve a number of different things. They want to create a place suitable for children to come and learn about the forest and the different wildlife living there. One of their larger aims is to re-create some parts of the Malvern Chase which is an ancient forest covering a large part of Malvern.

Malvern is a great place for drama as they have a large theatre used throughout the year for various different age groups bringing everyone together. They have introduced a special festival designed to get rid of the generation gap, this is called Malvern Fringe Festival. In order to bring both younger and older people together they have a specially designed programme of events for the locals in the Malvern area which is aimed at all ages.

Malvern is home to the Malvern Hills which has been given status of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty due to the magnificent views that can be seen when walking the hills and surrounding areas. The hills have also been designated as a Biological and Geological Site of Specific Interest; this is because the geology in the hills plays a huge part in the quality and cleanliness of the natural spring water that is produced.

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